NEW SINGLE and Vinyl Release

Today marks a significant milestone in the world of music with the release of “Até Acabar,” a mesmerizing collaboration between Israeli producer, composer, and percussionist Sangit and the celebrated Brazilian singer Mariene de Castro. This single is a precursor to Sangit’s eagerly anticipated album “Ooroo,” scheduled for release on October 20th. Mariene de Castro, with her enchanting vocals that captured the world’s attention during the 2016 Rio Olympics closing ceremony, brings a soulful depth to the track. “Até Acabar” is a testament to the power of musical fusion, blending cultural rhythms and melodies into a harmonious masterpiece. LISTEN NOW to be part of this transcendent musical experience.

“Até Acabar”: A Fusion of Cultures

“Até Acabar” stands as a bridge between continents, marrying the rich musical heritage of Israel and Brazil. Sangit’s intricate compositions and percussive mastery create a vibrant backdrop for Mariene de Castro’s powerful vocals. The track is an exploration of love, loss, and renewal, with each note and lyric weaving together to tell a universal story. The collaboration highlights the artists’ shared passion for music’s ability to transcend boundaries and connect hearts worldwide.

Sangit’s Upcoming Album “Ooroo”

“Ooroo” promises to be a groundbreaking album, showcasing Sangit’s innovative approach to music. The album is anticipated to be a mosaic of sounds and stories, with “Até Acabar” serving as a perfect introduction to Sangit’s visionary world. As the release date approaches, music enthusiasts around the globe are eagerly awaiting what is set to be a defining moment in contemporary world music.

For the Vinyl Aficionados: The Rough Guide to Slide Guitar Blues

In addition to the release of “Até Acabar,” vinyl enthusiasts have something special to look forward to with the availability of The Rough Guide to Slide Guitar Blues on 180-gram vinyl. This compilation is a deep dive into the roots of slide guitar, featuring tracks from early blues recordings that have shaped the genre. Each piece has been meticulously remastered using the latest restoration techniques, ensuring that listeners experience the raw emotion and technical prowess of the original recordings. BUY NOW to secure this essential piece of blues history for your collection.

Experience the Magic of Music

Both “Até Acabar” and The Rough Guide to Slide Guitar Blues represent the enduring power of music to inspire, connect, and educate. Whether you’re drawn to the soulful collaboration between Sangit and Mariene de Castro or the historical journey through slide guitar blues, these releases offer something for every music lover. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in these auditory treasures.





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