Dive into the mesmerizing world of Itzhak Ventura and his jazz trio with their latest live video session, filmed at the historic YMCA Hall in Jerusalem. This new release captures the trio performing four tracks from their critically acclaimed 2022 album, “Aligned.” Known for their unique blend of jazz, Middle Eastern melodies, and improvisational mastery, Ventura and his ensemble continue to push the boundaries of music with their dynamic performances. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience their captivating energy and musical brilliance – LISTEN NOW.

A Night at Jerusalem’s YMCA Hall

The iconic YMCA Hall in Jerusalem served as the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable live session. Known for its stunning architecture and excellent acoustics, the venue added an extra layer of magic to the performance. Ventura and his trio, consisting of top-tier musicians, brought their A-game, delivering a performance that was both intimate and explosive. The synergy between the musicians and their connection with the audience created an atmosphere that was nothing short of electric.

“Aligned”: A Musical Masterpiece

“Aligned” has been hailed as a masterpiece since its release in 2022, showcasing Itzhak Ventura’s innovative approach to jazz and world music. The album seamlessly blends traditional jazz elements with Middle Eastern influences, creating a sound that is both fresh and deeply rooted in musical tradition. The live session at YMCA Hall brings these compositions to life, highlighting the trio’s technical prowess and emotional depth.

The Tracks

The live session features four standout tracks from “Aligned,” each showcasing different facets of the trio’s musical range. From the intricate melodies and complex rhythms to the soulful improvisations and stunning solos, these performances are a testament to the trio’s versatility and creativity. Ventura’s mastery of the flute and saxophone, combined with the skilled contributions of his bandmates, makes for an enthralling listening experience.

Experience the Magic

This new release is a must-see for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike. The live video session not only offers a glimpse into the trio’s exceptional live performance capabilities but also serves as an invitation to explore the rich musical landscape of “Aligned.” Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Itzhak Ventura’s work, this session is bound to leave a lasting impression.





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