NEW SINGLE and Vinyl Release

Sangit’s latest single, “Ahora más cerca,” featuring the enchanting vocals of Yasmin Levy, is a captivating addition to the music scene. This soulful ballad, drawn from Sangit’s forthcoming album “Ooroo,” harmonizes the profound essence of Ladino music with contemporary sounds, offering listeners a unique auditory experience. Alongside this single, the vinyl release of a collection dedicated to Memphis Minnie, the pioneering blues guitarist and singer, presents an invaluable glimpse into the roots of blues music. Both releases promise to enrich music collections with their historical significance and unparalleled musicality.

“Ahora más cerca”: A Fusion of Traditions

“Ahora más cerca” stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of Ladino music, brought to life by Yasmin Levy’s powerful vocal delivery. Known for her ability to blend traditional Jewish Sephardic melodies with flamenco and other Middle Eastern influences, Levy’s collaboration with Sangit results in a track that is both heartfelt and transcendent. The single is an invitation to explore the depths of cultural heritage through music, making it a must-listen for aficionados of world music and those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Ladino sounds.

Sangit’s “Ooroo”: An Album to Anticipate

Sangit’s upcoming album “Ooroo” is highly anticipated, promising a collection of tracks that explore a wide array of musical landscapes. “Ahora más cerca” is just a glimpse of what to expect from this diverse album, which aims to bridge cultures and generations through its innovative approach to music. Sangit’s ability to fuse traditional elements with contemporary influences makes “Ooroo” an album worth waiting for.

Celebrating Memphis Minnie: A Vinyl Treasure

The vinyl release dedicated to Memphis Minnie offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of music history. As one of the most influential figures in the urban evolution of country blues, Memphis Minnie’s early recordings with her husband Kansas Joe McCoy are essential listening for blues enthusiasts. This collection not only celebrates her groundbreaking contributions to the genre but also preserves the legacy of a trailblazer who defied the norms of her time to become a legend in her own right.

Where to Listen and Buy

“Ahora más cerca” is available for streaming on major platforms, inviting listeners to experience the enchanting collaboration between Sangit and Yasmin Levy. For those eager to dive deeper into the roots of blues music, the vinyl collection featuring Memphis Minnie’s early recordings can be purchased, ensuring this crucial part of music history finds a place in your collection.

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