Top submissions EP2 Feb 2024

The second installment of our February 2024 Top Submissions is here, and it’s packed with a variety of tracks that span genres, moods, and styles. This selection highlights the best of what the music world has to offer, from haunting cinematic tracks to soulful collaborations and hard-hitting jams. Each artist brings something unique to the table, showcasing their talent and passion for music. So, let’s dive into the latest collection of top submissions and don’t forget to follow these artists on their social media platforms. For more amazing music, check out our previous entries and listen to our curated playlists on Spotify.

Top Submissions EP2 Feb 2024

  1. KING CANGIN – “Bensonhurst” (Prod. By Statik Selektah) KING CANGIN takes us through his life in “Bensonhurst,” set against a cinematic backdrop crafted by Statik Selektah. His storytelling paints a vivid picture of his legacy and personal journey.
  2. Marie Dahlstrom – “Nothing On You” (feat. Odeal) In a soul-stirring collaboration with Odeal, Marie Dahlstrom delivers “Nothing On You.” The track, produced by Dan Diggas, explores the depths of love and connection with a sublime guitar-driven ambiance.
  3. QUE K – “The Bad Guy” QUE K embraces the role of “The Bad Guy” in this cinematic anthem. With orchestral brass, church bells, and thumping drums, he sends a clear message to his detractors.
  4. Corio – “Who Needs A Friend” Kentucky’s Corio reflects on heartbreak in “Who Needs A Friend.” His heartfelt lyrics and melodic flow over a melancholic backdrop make for a deeply relatable track.
  5. QUE K – “When I pull up” QUE K returns with “When I pull up,” showcasing his signature bravado and laidback flow in an anthemic cut that’s full of confidence.
  6. King Mane x Snoop Dogg – “Hard Times” King Mane teams up with Snoop Dogg for “Hard Times,” a track that delves into life’s struggles and the importance of resilience. Their candid reflections are set against a backdrop of hard-hitting beats.
  7. Burn Herm – “Dirt” (feat. Fanta Vibez & Forté1804) Burn Herm, along with Fanta Vibez and Forté1804, presents “Dirt.” The track features airy production, laidback rap schemes, and engaging storytelling.
  8. Jeristotle – “Bottom of a Bottle” Jeristotle’s “Bottom of a Bottle,” from his album The Birth of An Artist, tackles the issue of substance abuse. The somber guitar-driven track offers a poignant look at the consequences of addiction.





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