Top instrumental submissions EP2 Feb 2024

In the latest episode of our instrumental submission series, EP2 February 2024, we’ve curated a selection that stands out for its diversity, creativity, and sheer listening pleasure. From lo-fi jazz to electronic remixes and soulful boombap, these tracks represent the pinnacle of what the global beat-making community has to offer. As always, we encourage you to support these talented producers by following them on social media and adding their tracks to your playlists. If you’re keen on discovering more, don’t miss our previous entries and explore our specially curated playlists on Spotify. Now, let’s delve into the sonic journey that this week’s top picks have in store for us.

Top Instrumental Submissions EP2 Feb 2024

  1. Remixes “Grooveshop” breathes new life into “Grooveshop” by rocomoco and Hoffy Beats with a remix that blends electronic basslines with rich textures and live drums, creating an afternoon chill-out anthem.
  2. Intylekt – “222 In The Morning”
    “222 In The Morning” sees Intylekt flipping a soulful sample into a reflective masterpiece, showcasing his knack for string arrangements and seamless drum integration.
  3. nobel – “Sunlight”
    Nobel’s “Sunlight” is a lo-fi jazz delight that offers soothing grooves and a sublime atmosphere, perfect for brightening any listener’s day.
  4. Larkwood Falls – “Night Shadows”
    With “Night Shadows,” Larkwood Falls crafts a track that is both dark and soothing, featuring layered piano and bell synths for a moody yet relaxing experience.
  5. Sine – “Now”
    Sine’s “Now” is a cinematic journey filled with airy pads, choral vocals, and soft guitar plucks, inviting listeners to ponder and reflect.
  6. muukko – “First Day Of Spring”
    Celebrating the warmth and nostalgia of the season’s change, muukko’s “First Day Of Spring” is an inviting and blissful auditory experience.
  7. Filesystem Check – “Puzzle Pieces (Instrumental)”
    “Puzzle Pieces” by Filesystem Check is a jazz-soul-boombap fusion that combines classic hip-hop elements with soulful textures for an irresistibly head-bopping track.
  8. Granger x Lola – “always you”
    Granger and Lola collaborate on “always you,” a track that melds lush keys, slick guitar, and sparse grooves into a heartfelt and reflective composition.
  9. Blue Sirens – “Passenger Seat”
    Making his debut on our list, Blue Sirens’ “Passenger Seat” is a piano-centric piece that soothes the soul with its airy textures and atmospheric vibe.
  10. lo-fi eamonn – “it’s a beautiful day outside”
    lo-fi eamonn captures the essence of summer with “it’s a beautiful day outside,” a track that radiates warmth and joy.
  11. stybander – “calming r for better SEO”
    stybander’s aptly named “calming r for better SEO” delivers on its promise, offering a tranquil and soothing musical escape.





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