Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. Call It Quits After 7 Months

Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. Call It Quits After 7 Months

It seems that another celebrity couple has called it quits. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. have reportedly ended their relationship after dating for 7 months. The news came as a surprise to many, as the couple seemed to be going strong and were often seen together at various events.

A Brief History of their Relationship

Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. first sparked dating rumors in early 2020 when they were spotted together at a party. The rumors were further fueled when they were seen together at a few more events in the following months. However, the couple remained tight-lipped about their relationship and did not confirm anything until a few months later.

In an interview with a popular magazine, Kim Kardashian finally opened up about her relationship with Odell Beckham Jr. She described him as a “great guy” and revealed that they had been dating for a few months. The couple made their first public appearance together at a high-profile event, confirming their relationship to the world.

Throughout their 7-month relationship, Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. were often seen together at various events and were not shy about showing their affection for each other. They were frequently photographed holding hands and sharing intimate moments, further fueling the rumors of their strong bond.

The Reason Behind the Breakup

While neither Kim Kardashian nor Odell Beckham Jr. has publicly commented on the reason behind their breakup, sources close to the couple have revealed that their busy schedules played a significant role. Both Kim and Odell have demanding careers that require a lot of time and travel, making it difficult for them to spend quality time together.

The sources also suggest that the couple’s relationship became strained due to the constant media attention and scrutiny. Being in the public eye can put a strain on any relationship, and it seems that Kim and Odell were not able to navigate through the challenges that came with their high-profile romance.

It is worth noting that both Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. have a history of high-profile relationships. Kim was previously married to NBA player Kris Humphries and has been in relationships with several other celebrities, while Odell has also been linked to a number of famous women in the past.

Life After the Breakup

As with any breakup, life goes on for both Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. Both individuals are focused on their respective careers and have been keeping busy with their professional commitments.

Kim Kardashian continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with her reality TV show, business ventures, and social media presence. She has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts and continues to use her platform to raise awareness for important causes.

Odell Beckham Jr., on the other hand, is focused on his football career. As a star wide receiver in the NFL, he is dedicated to his training and is constantly working to improve his skills on the field. He has also been involved in charitable initiatives and is known for his active involvement in the community.


The breakup of Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. after 7 months together came as a surprise to many. While the exact reason behind their split remains unknown, it is clear that their busy schedules and the pressures of being in the public eye played a role in their decision to part ways.

Both Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. are now focused on their respective careers and are moving forward with their lives. As with any breakup, it is never easy, but both individuals have shown resilience in the face of adversity and continue to thrive in their respective fields.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. in terms of their personal lives, but one thing is for sure – they will continue to be in the spotlight, capturing the attention of fans and media alike.





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