werdperfect shares new singles “Kitty Hawk” and “Gold Medallion”

Emerging from the vibrant streets of Cleveland, Ohio, and now making waves in Los Angeles, werdperfect has released two captivating singles, “Kitty Hawk” and “Gold Medallion,” marking a significant moment in his solo career. Born into a family deeply rooted in art and music, werdperfect’s unique sound is a testament to a lifetime of diverse musical influences and a relentless passion for storytelling through rap.

“Kitty Hawk”: Soaring High with Boombap Beats

The first of the two singles, “Kitty Hawk,” is an audacious nod to werdperfect’s musical journey and ambition. The track, named after the Wright brothers’ famous first flight, symbolizes werdperfect’s own aspirations to take his music to new heights. With its mid-tempo rhythm, punchy boombap drums, and an entrancing jazz organ riff, “Kitty Hawk” offers a perfect backdrop for werdperfect’s smooth yet commanding flow. Through his lyrics, werdperfect reflects on the ups and downs of his career in the music industry, showcasing his resilience and determination to succeed.

“Gold Medallion”: A Gritty, Cinematic Experience

On the flip side, “Gold Medallion” presents a stark contrast with its crunchy bass-driven drums and a slick bluesy guitar riff that sets the stage for a B-movie-like atmosphere. This track reveals a different facet of werdperfect’s artistry, highlighting his ability to adapt and thrive over various soundscapes. The vivid storytelling and expressive flow in “Gold Medallion” engage listeners, painting a picture of werdperfect’s versatility and creativity as a rapper and songwriter.

A Rich Musical Heritage

Raised in a household where music was a staple, werdperfect’s early exposure to a wide array of sounds has significantly shaped his musical style. His parents, Andy Leeb, a classic rock guitarist, and Patricia Wade, a music enthusiast, laid the foundation for his diverse taste in music. This eclectic upbringing, combined with his experiences as a member of the rap group Anti Biter Coalition, has allowed werdperfect to develop a sound that is both fresh and reminiscent of hip-hop’s golden era.

Building a Solo Legacy

Now based in Los Angeles, werdperfect is focused on establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. His decision to release “Kitty Hawk” and “Gold Medallion” as singles is a strategic move to showcase his range as an artist and to build anticipation for future projects. With each track, werdperfect invites listeners into his world, offering a glimpse of his life, aspirations, and artistic vision.

Connect with werdperfect

Fans and new listeners alike can explore “Kitty Hawk” and “Gold Medallion” on various streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. For those looking to stay up-to-date with werdperfect’s musical journey, following him on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram is the best way to get the latest news, releases, and more.





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