Flapjaques shares “blastah” featuring FENN, “bro why” and “morning dust” featuring oxinym

Flapjaques, a rising star in the music production scene, has recently unveiled three captivating singles that showcase his versatility and creativity as a producer. With “blastah” featuring FENN, “bro why,” and “morning dust” featuring oxinym, Flapjaques brings a rich palette of sounds and emotions to the forefront, proving once again why he is an artist to watch. Each track offers a unique listening experience, drawing from a blend of genres and influences to create something truly special.

“Morning Dust” Featuring oxinym: A Melancholic Journey

“Morning Dust,” the collaboration with oxinym, sets a contemplative tone with its wintery vibe. The track is layered with melancholic keys and a moody sound design that perfectly encapsulates a sense of introspection. oxinym’s contribution adds depth to the track, enhancing its gloomy atmosphere. Available on platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and YouTube, “morning dust” is a testament to Flapjaques’ ability to evoke emotion through music.

“Bro Why”: A Nostalgic Groove

In contrast, “bro why” shifts gears to a more soulful and joyful aesthetic. The track is infused with jazzy piano riffs and nostalgic strings, creating an uplifting and warm atmosphere. The soft drum grooves further complement the overall vibe, making “bro why” an ideal soundtrack for reflective moments. Listeners can enjoy this soul-stirring piece on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

“Blastah” Featuring FENN: Lofi Brilliance

The final track, “blastah,” in collaboration with FENN, delves into the lofi genre with brilliance. It’s a laidback and atmospheric offering that features airy pads, soothing strings, and soulful sound design. The track stands out for its ability to transport listeners to a serene, contemplative space, highlighting Flapjaques’ skill in crafting immersive musical landscapes. “blastah” is available for streaming on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and other services.

Connect with Flapjaques

For fans and new listeners alike, Flapjaques’ latest singles are a must-listen. Each track not only highlights his production prowess but also his ability to collaborate effectively with other artists to bring out the best in each piece. To stay updated on Flapjaques’ musical journey and upcoming releases, be sure to follow him on SoundCloud, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.





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