In the Know’s Zach Woods Unveils Stop-Motion Puppet Interviewing Technique

Zach Woods, known for his roles in “Silicon Valley” and “The Office,” has taken on a new, intriguing project with “In the Know.” This unique endeavor features a stop-motion puppet named Gary, who interviews real people, blending the lines between animation and reality. Woods, serving as the creative force behind the project, sheds light on how this innovative concept came to life and the impact it aims to have on audiences.

Gary, the puppet protagonist, is not your typical interviewer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, he represents a groundbreaking approach to storytelling and journalism. “The idea was to create something that felt both whimsical and substantive,” Woods explains. “Gary allows us to explore human experiences and stories in a way that’s engaging, surprising, and deeply empathetic.”

The process of bringing Gary to life involves a complex blend of traditional stop-motion animation techniques and cutting-edge technology. Animators work frame by frame to animate Gary, ensuring his movements are fluid and lifelike. When it’s time for an interview, the real-world interaction begins. Guests sit across from Gary, responding to his questions as if he were a living interviewer. “It’s fascinating to see how quickly our guests adapt to speaking with Gary,” Woods notes. “There’s something about his presence that invites openness and authenticity.”

This unique format allows “In the Know” to delve into a wide range of topics, from lighthearted conversations to more profound discussions about life, creativity, and the human condition. “We’ve found that the puppet, in a way, disarms our guests. There’s a willingness to share and explore that might not be as accessible with a human interviewer,” Woods adds.

The reception to Gary’s interviews has been overwhelmingly positive, with audiences appreciating the blend of humor, heart, and humanity that the show brings to the table. “Our goal was to create content that resonates on multiple levels, and based on the feedback, it feels like we’re hitting that mark,” says Woods.

“In the Know” not only showcases the technical prowess required for stop-motion animation but also highlights the potential of puppetry as a medium for genuine storytelling and connection. “What we’re doing with Gary feels like uncharted territory, and that’s incredibly exciting,” Woods concludes. “We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s expected in both animation and interviews, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.”

As “In the Know” continues to captivate audiences with its innovative approach, Zach Woods and his team prove that creativity knows no bounds. Through the eyes of a stop-motion puppet, viewers are invited to explore the world in a fresh, engaging way, proving that sometimes, it’s the most unconventional methods that lead to the most profound insights.





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